Can you start a business with no money?

Can you start a business with no money?


Yes, but we must ask an important question. What are we offering for sale? If we are doing service that comes from your mind and little or no real asset what so ever is needed, then surely we can.


But where to start? If we need stuff like marketing, assets we do not already own and can be used at no additional cost to use, partners, employees that must be paid and so on. Then we might not be able to do it without some upfront capital.


If we can convince the customers or clients to foot the bill of covering the operating cost of providing the product or service, by paying a percentage of the cost of product or service up front, then, that can be our source of initial capital. For many forms of services, the aforementioned approach can help us gain the things we need to do the job.


While it would be much easier to have the starting capital up front, there are still options out there for us to starting with little or no money, This might prove quite instructive if we start lean, then in the future when we may have to compete hard and innovate we have these earlier learned lean skill to fall back on.


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