S61C™ allows students to seek out the right certificated flight and ground instructors to provide them with the best training needed at the right price.


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The platform allows instructors to find students that are well-suited to their unique ways of training, build valuable flight hours needed for their future professional flying career, increase their earnings necessary to cover past training expenditures, maintain a good standard of living until they get to their future professional flying career, or make a good standard of living while making Pilot training their ultimate career.


The main features of the application includes:

  • A Forum that provides a community for engagement for all users.


  • A dedicated Student Lounge™ For student pilots to share valuable training insights with other student pilots.


  • Internal messaging that allows all users to communicate with each other, share insights and items found on the platform.


  • The application holds all of the FAA's books and manuals needed for pilot training and instruction free of cost.


  • The ability for instructors to showcase their complete set of skills and qualifications to attract the right students for training.


  • The ability for student pilots to post training request (publicly or directly to an instructor) allowing them to find the right instructor for their unique training needs.


  • With our intricate pilot verification system, student pilots know that they’re dealing with a FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, leading to greater ease and peace of mind.


  • The ability for students to track their training progress from right with the platform.


  • Students can save forum posts, Student Lounge™ Posts, FAA books and manuals, Shared items from their instructors in their 'Saved Materials' section for later study.


  • Ability for instructors to browse training request on the application and make unlimited offers to their preferred training request, matching the the instructor with the right training request that best fits them.


  • The ability for students to make payment for their training (ground and flight) from within the platform, creating an added layer of security snd traceability.


  • The ability for instructors to receive their payment through the application whiling monitoring and tracking earnings.


  • The ability for instructors to manage the students that they are working with and track their training progress.


  • The ability to know how the specific student learns in specific training areas through our uniquely designed psychographic learning profiles.


  • The ability for instructors to turn their iPhone or iPad into and interactive whiteboard for trainings, using the DBrief™ tool.


  • The ability for instructors to store all of their CFI binder materials on the application to include documents, photos, Videos, links, and more, and then be able to share this information with their students directly through the application.



S61C™ Is the application that brings stability to part 61 pilot training and instruction and allow students to have better relationships with their instructors, and gain more out of there pilot training, while at the same time allowing instructors to do more training with the time they have, earn more and rapidly build hours for their professional pilot career.
S61C™ - Train, Save, Connect.
  • Industry: :
    Aviation Training
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    United State
  • Vision: :
    Bring great safety, high-tech stability, ease, cost saving and great earnings to Pilots and Instructors in the Part 61 aviation training space.