ATiMS™ - Aviation Training Intelligent Management System


This highly intelligent platform allows you to manage students and trainer acquisition. Providing impressive business management tools, to include accounting tools. Unique Learning content creation publishing tools. Providing ground in flight scheduling capabilities to include dispatching. Resource management platform, for managing all the resources including aircrafts, other equipment and facilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) enable fuel management system for fuel consumption predictions, to enable tremendous cost savings in operations. Airline partnership integration tools, that allows you the proprietor or manager to smoothly and seamlessly integrate with your airline partners for better cross business collaborations. Highly intelligent data collection framework to allow for smarter platform as you use it. All these features and functionality’s our custom designed to mold and blend with your existing business model.


ATiMS™  stands for Aviation Training Intelligent Management System. This all-in-one platform puts the power back into your hands, giving you full control of tracking and managing your finances, squawks, fuel, communications, students, instructors, scheduling, and any additional resources that you could need to operate at the highest level. This would also allow consolidation of any software currently employed by the aviation institution. We call it the “LegoBox™” because it is reformulated, and redeveloped from the ground up, to fit the respective aviation institution. We personalize this system in order to emphasize your schools’ strengths to increase your competitive advantage, so you can win. This system will help you reduce costs, boost efficiencies, and increase the bottom line. 

  • Industry: :
    Aviation Training
  • Market: :
    United States
  • Vision: :
    To put the power back in the hands of aviation institutions, and out the hands for software vendors.